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Archives for: October 2009

Samiyam - Man Vs Machine 10"

Samiyam - Man Vs Machine

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Brainfeeder crew is getting prolific on your ass; here’s more out there beats for your jeep. So what if more than half of it is beats from like 2006-7, but still well ahead of the curve. 7 tracks of mental hip hop mayhem on a the LTD 10″ from Mr. Lotus’ homeboy.

1. Bonus Mission
2. Catch Me Riding Dirty
3. Porno Slap
4. July
5. Fireball
6. Rounded
7. 200 $

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Mayer Hawthorne vs. The Holidays - Maybe So, Maybe No

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Wild Pitch Records T-shirt from AMT (another magnificent tribute)

Wild Pitch Records T-shirt Black
Wild Pitch Records T-shirt White

get yours here!

I love this label (even though their business practices haven’t been the greatest). Nonetheless, here’s a limited edition t-shirt of the old school hip hop label Wild Pitch Records that started in the mid 80s & released some of the greatest hip hop records of all time - classics such as Main Source’s ‘Breaking Atoms’, various Ultramagnetic MCs records, & of course Guru & DJ Premier aka GANG STARR!

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