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Metal Fingers (MF Doom) - Special Herbs Boxset NSD120

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chicago skyway - wreckage

in case this slipped under your nose - peep this…sick Chicago house.

Chicago Skyway - Wreckage

get this limited cd here or download the album here

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new batch of mathematics recordings 12"s

John Heckle - The 4th Dimension EPJoe Drive - RD-2452
Andreas Gehm - U Dont Love Me AnymoreTakeshi Kouzuki - The House of the Rising Sun

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Dubbyman - Ocean In Motion EGC-4014

Dubbyman - Ocean In Motion

get yours here!

Spain’s Dubbyman (Deep Explorer) sees the first international seat on the Eargasmic roster with his single ‘Ocean In Motion’. Here he brings a track that’s a perfect example of true deep dance music. Listen for yourself! Also add in “dcee’s Shady Rework” and an ultra impressive remix by Bjak for a top notch and complete package. This is deep house, this is Eargasmic…

1. Original
2. dcee’s Shady Rework
3. Bjak Remix

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The Sun God / Daryl Cura - The 3rd Wave : Eargasmic Recordings EGC4013

The Sun God / Daryl Cura - The 3rd Wave : EGC4013

In 2004, long time friends Jamal Moss aka The Sun God and Daryl Cura put together a highly coveted split EP called ‘The CS Strategy’ that landed in the record boxes of artists like Francois K, DJ Harvey, and a rising Omar S. Years later and still continuing to push the music forward with both of their respective work and record labels, they bring forth ‘The 3rd Wave’ on Eargasmic Recordings.

Here’s more of that raw Chicago madness spread across 4 tracks that fill this EP with dirty dark room beats, thought provoking synthesizer work, and signature sounds from these 2 Chicago artists.

1. Easing Into Tomorrow
2. The 3rd Wave - The Emerging Edit
3. Did We Come Here 2 Laugh Or Cry
4. Waiting Room

watch Daryl Cura’s ‘Waiting Room’ video here!

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